Graham Peet

– Interpretation project Co Ordinator for the Ironbridge Coracle Trust

I have lived and worked in Telford since 1976 when I worked at Telford Community Arts running the Printshop. There we worked with local people on community projects, holiday play schemes and local history books.

I eventually collected stories and memories from local history people in Ironbridge, Dawley and Madeley and produced the Ironbridge Book, Dawley Book and Madeley Books.

One of the photography projects I organised involved taking photos in and about the old coracle shed where I met Eustace in about 1978.

After he had died in 2003 I contacted The Ironbridge Coracle Trust to say that I still had those photographs. That resulted in me getting involved in working with them to help tell the whole amazing story of coracles in the Gorge, including, the witch, flooding, poaching and a lot of humour.

We want to involve local people who know the social history of Ironbridge in living memory so we can help keep those memories alive.


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